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Nature rocks and brands want to conquer it with us…

On January 6th this year we wrote a post on places and spaces that have a great deal of influence on us. We discussed the urban environment, the Internet and the fact that our need for real experience grows, as we are always online. We touched on the aim for the good old tangible…like exploring an area, winding down. Having orientation in time and space. We stated that we have become world travellers with no survival skills…

Interesting remark

In connection with this article, we received an email with an interesting observation that we would like to address. A dear business relation of ours concluded rightfully that we only focused on man-made spaces connected to experience. Whereas nature is the widest, vastest and most unconquerable space possible and most often used for leisure. Yes, he definitely has pointed out a blind spot to us ‘urban citizens’, concrete junkies. Nature rocks; it soothes, comforts, softens the senses, brings us back to the core, and challenges us.

Winding down

The point our business friend was making is that as a real urban citizen we can truly wind down in nature. Any other man-made space is one of demands, and he is right. There is a claim made while entering those spaces, any activity becomes an attention drainer. Man-made spaces demand interaction; you cannot just be there.

Brands are elements of nature and offer solutions

Nature is the only place, not yet colonised by brands. And because of that they are ever so eager to use it to their benefit. Oh yes…brands love to be the strong wind and rain on a waxed jacket, the bright sunlight reflecting on a set of protective eyewear, the soil on a robust, all terrain vehicle. Brands aim to be an element of nature, the un-excludible and unavoidable and the shielding product. They are equal, altogether causing a story of bravery, roughness and a lust for life. Brands show us, we can’t do it alone really, and we conquer the outdoors with unmissable elements made by man. We gain a new into the wild ‘identity’.

Nature indoors

And will we see more man made nature in the future? Very different with purpose and content? Yes…there are very smart and circular economy combinations of nature matching the indoors without the intent to sell. Think of pop-inn park in Amsterdam and The low-line in New York City. These places allow nature to grow it’s course indoors, in the voids of the old economy, being a paced-down meeting space, a place of consciousness. So the essence of current ‘nature’ is being distilled and presented in new exciting formats.

Nature rocks and brands want to conquer it with us, but will we let them? Maybe…. if places become brands and brands become human…. and tone down with the pace of life as it is today.

Thank you … for making us wonder, keep the comments flowing!

By Marilijn Boumeester & Gregor Jackson of BBGP


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