It’s Not All About Heritage It’s How You Tell Your Story

With many brands talking about heritage or trying to find and create heritage they are forgetting that it’s about the storytelling.

Many brands have a rich and commendable heritage, but how many consumers are that concerned about where you’ve come from or what you have done in the past? Consumers are very open-minded but they are not shaped by old luxury. It is more about now, modern and progressive being confident to play with your brand and evolve for a new generation who aren’t brand loyal and are happy to mix and match their look.

The story behind a brand resonates more with the consumer, more than heritage, it’s how you share your story that becomes part of the brands dna. A brands best ambassador is one that talks about you (often not you but your consumer) and has something meaningful to share that isn’t just about what year you were established. It’s about taking the heritage and doing something with it to modernise the brand or influence the longevity of the brand.

With a lot of modern streetwear brands like Supreme and Off-white taking their influence from graphic design and typography it’s no wonder more traditional brands like Burberry have adapted, and have their own take on it to stay relevant.

Burberry has now taken the bold step to remove the check which moves with the times, yes they have looked back at their archives and now use the Thomas Burberry initials/sketch, but they have put a modern twist on it bringing it into the next generation.

Brands have to keep up to date and evolve for a modern generation and make sure of their relevance.

It’s all about the brand and its story not so much about who, what and when- more who, what and why!