Too little, too late

Would be my take on the UK Government of late, particularly from the Prime Minster and Health Minister. Meanwhile the Chancellor gives a glimmer of dynamism and sense of being in-tune with what’s required now and the shaping of the future.

How can businesses and brands avoid doing too little, too late?

Not a roll of the dice, but do take a calculated risk and think in terms of six years, rather than the next six months. Then draw down, and define a strategic ‘road map’ (include a few route options to avoid traffic), and act on it. And think in multiples of x6 rather than no more than x6.

We can also learn, as we watch petty political point scoring between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and even within Downing Street itself and a growing division between neighbours at No.10 and No.11- that being, define core common goals (not stuff on the periphery, seeking appeal or individual gain), and work collaboratively.

So re-shape and re-better. And don’t immediately discount any creative ideas, no matter how far-fetched they initially appear. Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister and Meghan Markle as President?… just maybe!