Zaha Hadid The Genius

This weekend I was really blown away by Zaha Hadid’s paintings and drawings at The Sackler Gallery at The Serpentine. Next weekend the 12th of February is your last chance to see this amazing exhibition. DO NOT MISS IT!

As a rebellious soul I have always admired her style of favouring experimenting over conformity, repeatedly pushing the boundaries in her designs and challenging the status quo.

It was very much a trip back into the late eighties in terms of the style of her drawings and the colour palettes. The detail in the large scale paintings was sharp every small corner of every graphic shape was painted…a real perfectionist.

As the civilian we are never privvy to such personal work, the workings behind the final pieces. This exhibition allows us to experience this creative genius in a very personal way. I felt as if I had been taken into her studio to look through her sketches and understand the thoughts and ideas which have inspired so many of her great works.

At Central Saint Martins the teachers always wanted to see the workings, the initial ideas, the thinking as this told them so much about how our brains are wired and how we think creatively.