The Channel Islands Coop

Establishing foundations and new pillars for a prosperous future.

Coop Channel Islands is client we have worked with for over 20 years, Part of their ever-evolving journey working across brand, communications, and supermarket store interior formats. More recently developing the brand and establishing foundations and new pillars for a prosperous future.

A brand that has been established on the isles since 1919 and is focussed on making a real difference to the community they serve. From supporting local trade and suppliers to giving something back to the people and the groups/charities that support their community, the coop has always been putting the consumer at the front of their business.

There was a need to bring the business forward and change its look and feel, with a mixture of brand logos throughout its history the coop wanted to be more modern, forward thinking and deliver its promise to the islanders and have a sense of Belonging.

The brand work has involved all touch points from the corporate brand and internal comms through to the application instore and talking to the consumer, delivering the right message to ensure a seamless piece of communication that delivers across all the islands and all the store formats old and new. The work also involved working across the other business categories of Pharmacy and Funeral to ensure they all linked together under one brand but also had their individual personalities.