gpstudio was approached by a group of leading, independent whisky specialists to create a brand for an independent online retailer stocking a wide range of quality drinks and spirits.

Working closely with the specialists we quickly discovered their true desire to create a different kind of retailer within the drinks industry. We helped them identify their mission to create an environment that is inclusive to everyone and anyone who wants to open up to a new way of drinking, all whilst being part of this welcoming, curious community.

It quickly became apparent that Freds was more than just an online drinks store, this is a community of creative, passionate individuals sharing ideas and heavily connected to the arts, music and Food sectors.  We therefore needed to create an identity to not only showcase the drinks offerings but also to reflect this diverse community of knowledgeable individuals.

Freds didn’t want to take itself too seriously, so we designed a fun, unpretentious brand identity. Starting with the logo we created a bold typographical mark paired with an additional plus icon. This recognisable icon symbolizes the collaboration and connection element which is at the heart of the Freds brand. The logo is complemented by a bright colour palette, playful shapes and illustrations.

With the addition of candid lifestyle photography and minimalist still life photography, the overall brand identity feels exciting and fresh. gpstudio designed and created all packaging elements and website design inline with the brands friendly personality.

Still life Photography shot by Clubhouse Paradiso
Lifestyle Photography shot by The Creative Exchange