By Ikuko Iwamoto

Ceramic artist, Ikuko Iwamoto is best known for her sculptural often eccentric porcelain table top pieces, however she has developed a new body of work exploring framed wall sculptures since 2012. While lots of things have been done with free-standing sculptures in art history, she believes there are yet unexplored areas with wall piece sculptures.

Her work involves using a slip-casting technique (the process includes plaster model and mould-making) in order to minimise its weight. Ornamental parts, such as spikes, piled-up dots are attached later on to create tension, fragility and flow.

Her fundamental inspiration comes from the “microscopic world”, however, she is also strongly drawn by abstract modern paintings, especially the compositional works by Paul Klee, Victor Pasmore, and Frits Hundertwasser.

Recently, she has started to incorporate additional materials such as coiled telephone cables, metal wires, and hypodermic needles. It is her intention that they aesthetically suit the porcelain sculptures form.