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A unique shopping experience, you decide?

The end of the summer months not only brought us an abundant …


Dare to wreck a context like Damien Hirst

In Damien Hirst’s new expo, everything is false and everything is true …

Developing your retail footprint

Topping Up Your Brand

There is a trend towards online retailers creating flagship showrooms and traditional


Into The Void

When thinking of Yves Klein, the first thing that comes to mind


The Value of Change

Human beings generally tend to avoid change as the familiar is comforting,


Mesmerizing lost scents and contextualising fragrances

Perfume making is an art. But the skillset has two sides to

Beauty Retail Design Experts

Is the name ‘Beauty Boy’ relevant?

There is so much talk about gender, inclusivity and diversity in the

Content creation for retail brands

Is Content King or Clutter?

Every time I look on twitter I have missed 450 + tweets

Good Earth Mumbai Luxury Retail

The Beautiful Good Earth

My recent trip to Mumbai was wondrous where the senses were heightened


A Love Story

Brands seem to see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to make a

Zaha Hadid at the Serpentine Gallery

Zaha Hadid The Genius

This weekend I was really blown away by Zaha Hadid’s paintings and

content strategy includes content planning

The Content Strategist Unravelled

Let’s be clear: content planning is not strategy. While a content strategy

Duty Free Retail Design Agency

Duty Free Retail Design

When I think of Duty Free retail areas at airports, to be

Colossal future in limiting choice

The Colossal Future in Limiting Choice

Making your company customer centric isn’t a bad thing, unless it generates

Brand collaboration for 2017

Brand Collaborations for 2017?

It is so important for brands to mould themselves to current trends,

Xmas tv ads uk

Don’t place all your energies on the Christmas ad

As consumers stroll calmly into November, retailers are officially hitting the Christmas

Creating a brilliant content strategy

Why Lateral Thinking Is Crucial for a Brilliant Content Strategy

A brilliant content strategy is one that goes beyond providing just good

Chanel # Take Your Chance social campaign

Digital Retail for Luxury Brands

Big and small brands in fashion and luxury retail seem to be

Xmas TV Ads 2016

Here Come The Xmas TV Ads

Starting With John Lewis, Here Come The Xmas TV Ads – But


How Company Values Challenge a Content Strategy

It’s a challenge to navigate the 21st century in business. In order

Be brave not stupid

Is Moschino pushing its brand too far?

Are brands pushing themselves too far or just being brave in an

Fabled and gpstudio discuss phygital retail spaces

Phygital Retail – LSN interview Fabled and gpstudio

Interview with LNS: Future Laboratory

Amanda Scott, managing director of Fabled by …

Department store design for Shinsegae, South Korea

Retail Design in South Korea – Think Differently

Finding the words ‘made in Korea’ on the underside of a product

Digitally Connected Showroom

Continuous brand experiences – The future of retail

The future of retail is continuous retail. Think the digitally connected showroom

Burberry Makers House

Burberry Makers House – a sneak preview

My Monday afternoon at Burberry Makers House, their new pop-up was fantastic.

Chanel brand experience

Es Devlin and Chanel brand experience in Peckham

Fashion, art and fragrance collide with a Chanel brand experience thanks to

Rolls Royce Virtual Reality experience

Is this the year for Virtual Reality for retail?

Virtual reality has been around for decades and the reality is that

Better Customer Experience

Awareness of time leads to better customer experience

Time is a precise measurement but our perception of it can vary

Beacon enabled app

Beacon technology for premium brands?

Is the concept of Beacon technology and proximity marketing right for the

Museums embracing technology

Museums embracing technology shouldn’t come as a surprise

We can all remember when our parents took us to museums…for me


The Content Store

Why are Kindle sales falling while book sales are on the rise


The circus of facebook

I felt I should join…. the statistics said I should. I had


From place to headspace

People are just half aware of their surroundings while almost everything can

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